Meet Duke!

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02-07-2012 | CEA & MDR1 gen. Clear | 34 cm
Import Poland
American/Canadian Bloodlines

Duke has won several BEST IN SHOW & RES. BEST IN SHOW!

Meet my precious boy Duke!
He is small, but has the biggest personality I’ve ever seen.
Duke thinks HE is the most loveable Sheltie in the world… And how can you not agree?!

Duke is born in Poland.
One of 5 in his litter, he stood out right from when he was 2 weeks old!

When I saw this photo on the left, I knew he was one special boy!
As the weeks went by, he turned out to be the Sheltie I had dreamed of for years

I just knew he was the one for me, we went to pick him up at 10 weeks and he was the first one of his litter to be very excited to see us!
His registered name is ‘CasidiTeam UNREAL BEAUTY‘, which is the perfect name for him…

Duke was a very easy-going puppy.
He slept through the nights, did not need much potty training and it was just like he had always been there.
Up until he was 18 months, he was just cruising through life and was a perfect puppy!
But then, when he was 18 months, he hit puberty… he had this thing at the end of walks, where he would just not come to you. He would stay at a few meters distance and stare at you, as if to say: do you really think I’ve finished my walk?!
It was so frustrating, but made me smile at the same time 🙂

Duke developed in to a small boy, he is only 34,5 cm.
But his personality is GRANT, he has quite a big ego!
He loves children & other people & other dogs… he always expects to be patted by strangers. He thinks everyone is struck by his presence!

Duke was able to come to work with me when he was very small, that is how he got used to being around little children.

Duke is a very independant Sheltie. He knows what he wants, but also what he does not want (to do!). He is not too worried about pleasing anyone else, to be honest 🙂
He can get very overstrung in 5 min. of work, the only thing that he loves to do is show himself of in the showring!
You can see him concentrate on presenting himself perfectly, he really enjoys it!

Duke won ‘BEST IN SHOW’ on several different shows in the last couple of years!


Duke is a once in a lifetime dog and he represents all that I love in a Sheltie!
His outstanding beauty and outspoken character makes him a very special boy…
and I feel so lucky to be a part of his life!