Meet Butters!

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04-12-2009 | CEA & MDR1 Clear | 39 cm
Import Australia
Australian Bloodlines

I’d like you to meet my Butters.
Butters is a true couch-potato, he loves to cuddle up, sleep, laze around the house…
as long as we are by his side!

Butters was born in Sydney, Australia.
One of 4 in his litter, he was a very small boy who had quite a rough start…


When I was preparing my move to Australia, still at home in the Netherlands, I was searching the internet for available puppies.
I actually came across this photo of him and send his breeder an email…


Unfortunatly, his breeder Margaret Long from ‘Peerielee Shelties’ never got my email.
When I rang the ‘Shetland Sheepdog Club of NSW’ when I arrived in Australia, the very nice people there told me there was still one sable boy available.
When I spoke to Margaret, she told me he was 7 weeks and just had his eye-test done.

He was a small boy and was probably going to stay small, 35 cm or under (he grew a little bit bigger than expected, 39 cm) and was a little shy and timid.
But Margaret thought he just needed a loving home and he would come out of his shell… and yes, she was so right!

We picked him up at 8 weeks…

Because I had just arrived in Australia, I was not working for the first 6 months of Butters’ life and we really had so much quality time together!

Butters developed in to a lovely boy!
He is a very social boy, he gets along with every other dog we walk past or meet.
I never have to worry about him, he is always by my side.
He is not very keen on puppies, however he always takes on the job of correcting them at bad behaviour.
Butters is distant towards strangers, exactly like it says in the breed standard. He is also an excellent guard-dog.

He has an extreme will-to-please and is very sensitive. Whenever I am stressed or feeling upset, he will always try to calm me down by putting his head on my knee…
He has a way of curling up next to me, which makes me feel better instantly!

Butters loves to work, he has done everything from obedience to agility to rally obedience.
He is very food-driven, so he will do ANYTHING for a treat 🙂

In my eyes, Butters represents a perfect Shetland Sheepdog personality,
like described in the breed standard!

When Butters was 14 months old, we moved back to the Netherlands.
Butters had to make a 30-hour flight across the world…
You can read more about this adventure in another blogpost.

Butters & I share a very special bond, we experienced so much together!
He makes me feel like I am a very special person, always beyond excited to see me and he loves nothing more than to cuddle up next to me… ♡